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    Below you can find details of the cookies used on our site.

We may collect and store information about you using cookies (files which are sent by us to your computer or other access device) which we may access when you visit our site in future. This enables us to improve your experience of browsing our website and track the performance of our content.

For more information on how we use cookies, or how to control and delete cookies, please see the cookies section on our Privacy Policy page.

 Cookie Names  Reason

__cfduid, hubspotapi, __hssc, __hstc, __hs_opt_out, hubspotutk, __hssrc, hs_ab_test

Analytics & Functionality
These Cookies may be used to monitor how our website is used and for basic website functionality.

_gat_ta, _gat_tw, SIDCC, NID, _gat, __utmb, _ga, _gid, __utmt_sfga, __utma, source, medium, content, keyword, campaign, landing_page, conversion_page, _gat_UA-5644670-11, _gaexp, __utmz, __utmc, GA_XSRF_TOKEN, gwcc, _gaexp_rc

Analytics & Advertising
We use anonymous analytics cookies to monitor how our website is used so that we can improve the experience for our users. Our website also uses Google Analytics Advertising cookies in order to show relevant ads to our audiences. You can opt out of cookies such as this here.

sess, uuid2, anj, sentisum_session

On our website we display reviews from the Feefo website. Their cookies may track you visit to our website.
fr, IDE, test_cookie, BizoID, UserMatchHistory, lang, lidc, bcookie, bscookie, ANON_ID Analytics & Advertising
We promote some of our content on Facebook and this cookie is used to track the effectiveness of the campaigns and show relevant adverts.

_lo_np_#, _global_lucky_opt_out, _lo_u, _lo_rid, _lo_v, __lotr, _lo_cid

These cookies track visits and to understand how visitors are using our website in order to improve the experience.

MoneypennyRef, MoneypennyNoProactiveChat, MoneypennyChatSession, MoneypennyHistory, MoneypennyChatView, MoneypennyChatPoll#, MoneypennyChatMessage, MoneypennyChatWindow, MoneypennyUserName, MoneypennyUserEmail, MoneypennyVisit, MoneypennyAgentAvatar

Analytics & Live Chat
These cookies are used to ensure the chat application works correctly, and to remember users to help with future chat conversations.


Functionality & Analytics
We embed videos from YouTube on our website which may track visits, views and preferences.

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