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  • Asset based lending

    ABL is a Comprehensive Asset-Based Lending solution that combines Invoice Finance with the ability to release capital against your plant & machinery, inventory or property.

    It supports growth and other strategic requirements making it an ideal solution for a range of businesses, from SMEs to large corporates.

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Asset based lending to power your business growth

Our comprehensive asset based lending solution allows a business to access finance against their most significant assets, such as the debtor book, inventory, plant and machinery, and freehold property.

Funding is provided in a single structured solution, with cash advanced into your working capital cycle to help reduce the gap between paying your suppliers and your debtors paying you against your commercial terms. This is an excellent way of keeping cash within the business for other strategic development purposes.

We can provide a maximum of 120-days funding against receivables (RPAs) and up to 90-days for inventory funding.

Our typical terms

ABL supports clients of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporates, and can provide a particularly important support for smaller businesses and those undergoing periods of rapid change.

  • Up to 80% on Real Estate
  • Up to 85% on Inventory Net Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Up to 85% on Plant and Machinery
  • Up to 90% on Accounts Receivables
  • Up to 100% on Receivable Purchase Programmes

Is ABL right for my business?

If your business needs to purchase inventory to sell onto third parties creating receivables, then an ABL facility can help you to release cash within your working capital cycle as a combination of invoice discounting, factoring and funds raised against assets.

Cash advanced into your working capital cycle will help you to reduce the funding gap between both paying your suppliers and when your debtors pay you against your commercial terms.

An ABL facility can be provided against inventory, debtors and plant and machinery, as well as against freehold property.

  • Does your business turnover between £10 million and £250 million?
  • Do you have assets such as invoices, inventory, or freehold property?
  • Are you looking to release working capital for expansion, restructure, or refinance?

If so, please talk to our team about an ABL solution for your business.

Download our guide to Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending solutions

There are several finance products available as part of the ABL structure. Our comprehensive approach enables us to provide a range of solutions against a mix of assets in the working capital cycle.

  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cashflow
  • Real Estate
  • Credit Protection
  • Plant & Machinery



If your business carries high volumes of stock, an inventory or stock funding facility can help you to release cash tied up in held stock to provide your business with working capital support.

Finance is secured against your corresponding inventory and typically runs alongside an Invoice Finance facility, providing a revolving and highly flexible option for some businesses.

Plant & Machinery

For businesses with a large volume of plant and machinery our solution allows you to release some of the value tied up in your equipment to be released to aid support working capital, providing a facility against held assets.

This facility would typically run alongside an Invoice Finance facility.

Real Estate

If you own freehold property outright, we can provide a property loan to unlock release cash against real estate. Typically, this facility is available as an additional option to core Invoice Finance facilities, a property loan can be a simple way of keeping all your financing needs in one place.

Download our guide to Asset Based Lending

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